A downloadable comic book reader for Windows and Linux

A free comic book reader and converter for Windows and Linux.


  • Windows & GNU/Linux versions.
  • Compatible file formats:
    • .cbz
    • .cbr
    • .pdf
    • .epub (images only)
  • Windowed (simple UI) and full-screen (no UI) modes.
  • 'Fit to width' and 'fit to height' views.
  • Page rotation.
  • UI available in:
    • English
    • Spanish
  • Automatically restores the previous session's last opened book and page, and remembers the last 10 books' page positions.
  • Tools:
    • Convert/Resize files
      • from: cbr, cbz, epub (images only) or pdf.
      • to: cbz, epub (images only) or pdf.
    • Export the current page to an image file.


  • Toolbar :
    • buttons: 'open file', 'previous page', 'next page',  'fit to width', 'fit to height', 'rotate counterclockwise', 'rotate clockwise' and 'toggle full-screen'
    • slider: use it to quickly go to any page in the current book.
  • Keys:
    • 'right arrow' or 'page down' to go the next page.
    • 'left arrow' or 'page up' to go to the previous one.
    • 'up arrow' to scroll the page up.
    • 'down arrow' to scroll the page down.
    • 'F11' to toggle full-screen mode.
    • 'Ctrl+O' to choose a file to open.
  • Mouse:
    • 'scroll wheel' scrolls the page up and down.
    • 'left-click' opens the next page if the right side of the view area is clicked and the previous page if the left side is clicked.
    • 'right-click' opens a context menu with some basic navigation options.

Open Source:

The source code for this program is open and available on GitHub.


ACBR Linux (v1.2.4) 93 MB
ACBR Windows (v1.2.4) 90 MB

Development log