A downloadable comic book reader for Windows and Linux

A free comic book reader and converter for Windows and Linux.


  • Windows & GNU/Linux versions.
  • Compatible file formats:
    • Comic books:
      • .cbz
      • .cbr
      • .cb7
      • .pdf
      • .epub
    • Image files:
      •  .jpg
      • .png
      • .webp
      • .avif
    • Ebooks:
      • .pdf
      • .epub
    Including password protected pdf, cbz (AES encryption not supported), cb7 and cbr files.
  • Windowed (simple UI) and full-screen (no UI) modes.
  • 'Fit to width', 'fit to height' and a customizable 'scale to height' page views.
  • Page rotation.
  • UI available in:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Russian
  • Automatically restores the previous session's last opened book and page, and remembers the last books' page positions.
  • Portable mode (by creating a file named portable.txt in the same folder as the executable).
  • Integrated audio player:
    • supports .mp3, .ogg, .wav, .m3u and .m3u8 files.
    • can export playlists to .m3u files.
  • Tools:
    • Convert/Resize:
      • comic books (cbr, cbz, cb7, pdf or epub to cbz, cb7, pdf or epub).
      • images (jpg, png, avif or webp).
    • Create:
      • a comic book (cbz, cb7, pdf or epub) from a list of image files.
      • a QR code image from text.
    • Extract:
      • comic book pages (to jpg, png, avif or webp).
      • text (OCR) from a comic book page or image file.
      • a QR code's text from a comic book page or image file.
      • a color palette from a comic book page or image file.
        • can be exported to a .gpl or .aco palette file.
    • Other:
      • search and open books/comics from:
        • Digital Comics Museum.
        • Internet Archive Books.
        • Project Gutenberg. 
        • xkcd Webcomics.
      • search and open audiobooks from:
        • Librivox AudioBooks.
      • search dictionary terms from:
        • Wiktionary Dictionary.


  • Toolbar :
    • buttons: 'open file', 'previous page', 'next page', 'fit to width', 'fit to height', 'rotate counterclockwise', 'rotate clockwise' and 'toggle fullscreen'.
    • slider: use it to quickly go to any page in the book.
  • Keys:
    • 'right arrow' or 'page down' to go the next page.
    • 'left arrow' or 'page up' to go to the previous one.
    • 'up arrow' to scroll the page up, 'down arrow' to scroll the page down.
    • 'wasd' to scroll the page vertically and horizontally.
    • 'f11' to toggle full-screen mode.
    • 'ctrl+O' to choose a file to open.
    • 'ctrl++' and 'ctrl+-' to zoom in or zoom out the view. 'ctrl+0' to reset it.
  • Mouse:
    • 'scroll wheel' scrolls the page up and down.
    • 'left-click' opens the next page if the right side of the view area is clicked and the previous page if the left side is clicked.
    • 'right-click' opens a context menu with some basic navigation options.
    • 'ctrl+scroll wheel' to zoom in or zoom out the view.

Open Source:

The source code for this program is open and available on GitHub, where you can also find betas and previous releases and contribute translations or feedback.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tagscb7, cbr, cbz, Comics, converter, epub, pdf, reader, software
Code licenseBSD 2-clause 'Simplified' License
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian, Russian
LinksSource code


ACBR Windows (v2.4.1) 158 MB
ACBR Windows (Self-Extracting) (v2.4.1) 105 MB
ACBR Linux (v2.4.1) 141 MB
ACBR Linux (AppImage) (v2.4.1) 144 MB

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