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Version 1.2.2 Now Available
A minor update to add some bug fixes and improvements. Changelog: Added a little more info and a note to the netmap manual to explain it's not available in all...
Version 1.2.1 Now Available
Thanks a lot to everyone who made posts in the discussions section, reviews, youtube videos... since the release of the game on Steam. This update is based on a...
1 file — 1.2.1
Now Available on Steam
High Entropy: Challenges is now available, free, on Steam: Also, I've made an Android companion app for the game. It's not needed at all to play the game, but I...
Version 1.2 Now Available
This update adds a few improvements, bug fixes and some changes needed for the upcoming Steam version. Changelog: Updated the engine (Unity) to version...
Wishlist on Steam
I'm working on bringing High Entropy: Challenges to Steam, mostly the same version available here, and also free, but probably with some extras like Steam achie...
Version 1.1 Now Available
This update adds some improvements based on the feedback I received for the previous version and a few tweaks and fixes. Changelog: Updated the engine (Unity) t...
Version 1.0 Now Available
No more test builds, "High Entropy: Challenges" has now reached version 1.0 and is officially released. I've fixed a good number of bugs, polished the visuals a...