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Use computers (via GUIs or the command line), unlock doors, crawl through vents, fight enemies head on or find other ways to neutralize or avoid them... High Entropy is an action-adventure FPS inspired by some of my favorite immersive sims like Prey, Dishonored or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, among others, although less complex than any of those games (this is a one man project).

High Entropy: Challenges

High Entropy: Challenges is a free game consisting of a beginning, 15 levels, a default ending and a special ending if you finish with a 100% score in all levels.

It was made using Unity and assets from its store (or similar places), that I modified to my needs, and others that I created from scratch, always trying to fit the look and feel that I've envisioned for the game.

All the planned content has been added. I'll try to keep updating it with bug fixes and level tweaks if I get enough feedback.

High Entropy / Commercial Version

Hopefully, High Entropy: Challenges is a fun stand-alone gaming experience by itself, but it was also made to serve as a way for people to help me test my ideas out and see if creating High Entropy --the bigger, commercial game I have in mind-- is possible and something people would enjoy (it would include a challenges mode and an exclusive story mode).

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Álvaro García |  www.binarynonsense.com | @binarynonsense


High Entropy: Challenges 1 GB
Version 0.3.1 Jun 02, 2019

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