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Here you can find the development logs and the latest public Test Build of High Entropy. If you just want to play the final game wait until it's finished to try it out but, if you want to help me test things and see how some of the elements of the game take shape, I hope you enjoy these builds. You can leave feedback in the forums below and help me see what works and what doesn't, how is the performance in different hardware configurations...

About The Game

Use computers (via GUIs or the command line), unlock doors, crawl through vents, fight enemies head on or find other ways to neutralize or avoid them... High Entropy is an action-adventure FPS inspired by some of my favorite immersive sims like Prey, Dishonored or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, among others, although it won't be as complex as any of those games (this is a one man project).

In Development

I'm making it using Unity and assets from its store (or similar places), that I modify to my needs, and others that I create from scratch, always trying to fit the look and feel that I've envisioned for the game.

As I mentioned above, the game is not finished. The test builds, at least at the beginning, will focus on the challenges section, with some of the first levels available to play, which I think offers the best way to test some of the gameplay mechanics as I introduce them while, hopefully, having fun playing the challenges themselves. I won't be sharing the story mode, at least at first, and if/when I do it will probably only be partial implementations or experiments.

Commercial Version

My ultimate goal is releasing a commercial version of the game on Steam (and maybe other sites later on), but only if it reaches a point where I feel like the game deserves asking money for it. In the meantime, I think sharing these public builds here could be a worthwhile experience.  Hope you enjoy it.

A Game By

Álvaro García |  www.binarynonsense.com | @binarynonsense


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